Whether you are an off road expert or a beginner intrigued by immersion in nature on two wheels, Umbria has what's right for you thanks to the many MTB itineraries of varying difficulty.

MTB is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the landscape, to breathe in the woods, to get back in touch with the natural elements: if you are thinking of trying your hand at it, be careful, the risk of acute passion is really high!

But MTB is also a rather technical practice, and risks being no longer fun and very difficult if you choose routes by overestimating your abilities.

For this reason we have selected a series of itineraries for beginners, with the aim of helping you, directing you towards routes that are not too long or too complex. You will thus be able to enjoy the effort without getting discouraged, and begin to practice managing the bicycle off-road.


The Umbrian territory has large green spaces that will satisfy all your needs.

Hills, lakes, mountains, rivers and waterfalls will give you the opportunity to carry out any activity you want to try.

At our facility you can receive all the information and advice to enjoy the other activities available such as horseback riding, hot air balloon rides and the prestigious truffle hunt.


Umbria, the green heart of Italy, hosts numerous food and wine events throughout the year. Wine, oil, legumes and meat from animals raised in the wild are the masters, not to mention the Norcineria, recognized throughout the world. Product tasting is often accompanied by entertainment events that allow you to spend a relaxing day immersed in Umbrian nature.

Among the most renowned events: Open Cellars, Open Oil Mills, Eurochocolate, Primi d'Italia, Porchettiamo, Wines in the World, etc.